1. Bullet   THE NEW VICTORIA HOSPITAL, Glasgow...

  2. Bullet    & installed at the Artist Wants a Life Residency, AWAL, outside of Alice Springs, Australia.  (SEE IMAGES FROM THIS INSTALL)

An ongoing research project which began as an exploration in art & healthcare with patients and staff of the New Victoria Hospital, Glasgow.

The first phase of the project uses a public projection of macro-photography in the Atrium cafe / foyer space of the entrance hall of the new building.

These images are designed to arouse curiosity and, hopefully, inspire calm .... all of them designed to facilitate the viewer’s own interpretation,

to allow the viewer to decide what it is they are looking at, questioning what forms and colours aid well-being.

The second phase of the research projects involves installing myself in the foyer of the hospital– with a spread of macro-photographic images I’d taken (35mm film, printed) and a sign saying, MAKING A MAP OF MY MISTAKES. Patients & staff curious about what this might mean can join me while they wait (or as they pass) to transform these (tear, cut, paste, shape) into a kind of collage of what they would like to see. So, self-proclaimed ‘rubbish’ art becomes something else entirely, through a diversion into dialogue and the arousal of curiosity, taking one image deemed a failure and making it into something else. Re-framing, shifting perspectives on what we are looking at.

Some of the responses:


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